s.a.a.t is the free Smart alert automated crypto trader.
you run s.a.a.t on a raspberry pi.
it uses alerts generateted by the "margin Call"* indicators.

*"Margin Call" was previously branded as "Profit Sniper IIV&IV"
that collaboration has now ended.
Margin Call is now back with its developers.

"SAAT" the one click plug & play auto trading bot that runs independently from your other computers.

SAAT is the auto trading bot with its roots in the legend that is Gekko, it has now been independently updated for the second decade of this century by our team, one of the many upgrades is the inclusion of the unique alerts used for the Margin Call indicator built by our team, the indicator that gives clear flagged indications of market movment & in indicator confimations of those flags when used on Tradingview.

SAAT offers a simple one click download and set up for the Raspberry Pi operating system, reducing the knowledge required to set up the basic system to a click and go trading bot.

No more monthly charges for a VPS, difficult set ups or compatibility issues, just as near to click and play as we can make it (and we will continue to develop SAAT to use other exchanges and crypto coins & tokens)

Below is what you will need to get up and going with links to hardware on those platforms that give quick delivery so you can get up and going as quick as possible.


To download & use SAAT all we ask is that you use our affiliate link to ByBit (bottom of this page).

At the moment that's a manual process, please use the affiliate link to set up a new Bybit account & then submit your new user name, email used to register on Bybit, your bybit uid and tradingview name in the form below.  


Once your new Bybit User name has been verified you will get a link to download the custom Raspberry Pi operating system.

You click on that link and download it to your computer and follow the vides & manual to install the Pi-SAAT image to the SD card..

Then remove it from your computer and plug it in your Raspberry Pi.  

Set up

To set up the SAAT on the Raspberry Pi, you will only need plug the micro sd into the Raspberry Pi & power up. Then go to your desktop or laptop, open a web page and type in http://saat.local and the SAAT will load.

It is sensible to have a separate Bybit account for any bot as you may wish to do some manual trades on the platform which could affect the bots performance.

The cool stuff

how to get your SAAT BOt Hardware

You will need a Raspberry pi 3:
I would suggest a case to hold the Pi:
SD Card: Power source:
Cable to connect Pi to Router. Ethernet cable.

software you will need & useful software

    The Balena software is used to format & load your SD card,
    so download this to the computer you will use to download the
    Raspberry Pi for an easy download experiance.

  • Balena sd card Etcher

Margin call indicator

Up until the 12th March 2020 Margin Call had an exclusive use agreement with a well know You Tube influencer & was branded as "Profit Sniper IIV & IV", that agreement has now ended.
So Margin Call has reverted to its original brand name and will contine to be developed by its core developers.

future risk Management projects

We are looking to develop a raft of products that aid users, the first being an in Bot risk management tool to assist those that use the SAAT, if you would like to see or know of other tools that could be useful send those here  

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